Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Recipe & 18 Month Stats

Just tried this recipe from this fabulous website and it was delicious! You must try it if you like pina coladas!

Today we met up with fun friends at Coronado Beach to fly kites, hang out, eat lunch and enjoy the beautiful California weather. What could be better?

Below is for documentation purposes (might be boring for non-family members to read)

Julianne also turned 18 months old yesterday. Where has the time gone? She is my bestest little friend and I am so grateful to have her following me around everyday. She is learning so much these days and starting to mimic a lot of words we say. One of her favorites (unfortunately) is "NO" she also says "Mon" which means "c'mon", "shoe", "daddy, mommy, more, thank you, bye bye, hi, Pooh (winnie the) and I'm sure other words I can't think of right now (it's getting late). She knows where the candy bowl is and always walks over to the counter and reaches up and says "mo". (It's not always filled with candy but for holidays I usually have some favorites in there. She has also been known to bring her little truck over to the counter and tries to stand on it to reach the candy. She was born with a sweet tooth just like her mama and daddy.

She is quite the climber, always climbing on tables, chairs, up into her highchair, trying to do pull-ups on the kitchen counter and all over the place at the park. She loves the swings at the park, and playing in the sand at the beach. She reads herself books with animals in it and says all of the animal sounds. At church I was asked by a girl in my ward where "all the chaos was" when Julianne was home sick with Kurt. I told her and then explained she will be in nursery next week and won't be running around the halls for three hours anymore. The girl replied, "I bet they aren't ready for all her energy in there". This made me laugh because this girl only sees Julianne at church and can tell she gives us a run for our money.

Her favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries, broccoli, frozen fruits, plain wheat bread, rice/beans, pb&j's, multigrain pancakes, ice cream, milk, orange juice, and dried cranberries. She loves eating by herself with toothpicks, spoons and of course her chubby little fingers.

She is very dramatic and has been known to throw herself on the floor when she doesn't get what she wants. (where could she have learned that???)

She has several signature dance moves. And she loves playing dress up and spinning in circles. My favorite!

She was really sick with "pneumonia-like" symptoms for all of last week. It was so sad to see my sweet little girl with 103 degree fevers, no appetite for food or drink, and just not her usual energetic self. (However, I did enjoy the extra snuggles). She has been on antibiotics twice a day (of which she Hates it with a capital H) but we are almost done! During our visit to urgent care Sunday night she had to have her temperature taken (in an uncomfortable place) and afterwards we got up to leave and although she was not feeling well she still told the nurse "thank you" and "bye bye" and blew her a kiss. It was the sweetest thing and almost made me cry. I have been blessed with the best combination of sweet, sassy, energetic and independent.

Also, just a side note, I can NEVER take good pictures of Julianne because she is constantly on the move! I need to discover ways to be quicker or to not let her know the camera is around. Her face is too cute not to be documented:) (in my unbiased opinion)
This was our attempt at getting a current picture of her not moving and with a smile -

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alyssa said...

Oh how I love that little girl! I can't wait to squeeze her in about a week! Can't wait to see you guys!