Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day in La Canada, CA 2011
-Memorial Parade
-French toast with Victoria's homemade bread
-BBQ @ the Townsends with the Glendale Armenian Branch :)
-Dodgers game @ Chavez Ravine
-Jules turned 9 months on Saturday!

Julianne LOVES Oliver (Kurt's parent's dog) and has learned how to bark at him. Every morning she looks in the kitchen for him and starts barking--it is too cute!

Julianne has also loved getting to know Uncle Conor! I came back from running one morning and she didn't even notice I was in the room for half an hour.

Little Julianne is quite photogenic and has learned to smile on queue whenever the camera is pointed in her direction.

We are heading back to AZ tomorrow after two wonderful weeks in California with Kurt's family. You can't beat beautiful California weather and spending time with family.

Monday, May 23, 2011

California in May

Photo shoot at the Americana - enjoying the water works show choreographed to music.

May 2011

It would be crazy for me not to document this past month at least in bullet points. It has been a busy month full of milestones, big events and fun parties. Here it goes:

- Alyssa had a beautiful new baby - Lexi Mae Copple
-Brad had his farewell on Mother's Day
-I celebrated my first Mother's Day
-Greg got married on May 10th to beautiful Jessie Zaharis
-Alyssa turned 29 on May 12th
-We celebrated our 4th anniversary on May 11th (we dined at Bandera - delish!)
-Kurt graduated with his MRED degree (master of real estate development) from ASU on May 13th
- Dad's birthday was on May 14th
-Brad left on his mission on May 18th (to Bangkok, Thailand)
-Kurt is interviewing for jobs (life after school has begun)
-We are spending some time in California so Jules can get to know her cousins Elijah and Isabella
-my two sister-in-laws are due with babies in the next two weeks
-Kurt's brother Conor graduated from UPENN

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Part 1

My computer time has been minimal with Kurt in the last month of his master's program. I still have to document Julianne's first Easter along with many other events that have been happening. With Kurt graduating, two new babies, a wedding and a missionary leaving our family has been quite busy.

Once again. . . pictures of Jules:) And although these are low quality iphone pics- I still love them. I will try and learn how to upload pictures onto my computer one of these days so Kurt doesn't always have to do it for me.

8 month update
Julianne is 8 months old and 23 lbs! My back is starting to break so hopefully she will walk soon. She pulls herself up on everything and crawls around everywhere. She has four teeth (bottom two and top two fangs). My lil brother Greg says that she "steals the show" wherever she goes and I would have to agree. She commands attention with her chatty and happy personality and always seems to give everyone a smile. She loves kids and yells and screams whenever her cousins are around. When she sees her new little cousin Lexi she gets so excited she screams and reaches for her. You can sure tell that she remembers being friends with her up in heaven just a few months ago:) She is the love of our lives and is convincing Kurt everyday that he would be fine if we had 5 girls.