Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend with Grandma Heap - in bullet points
*Shopped on Cedros in Solana Beach
*Lunch twice at Board and Brew
*Ran 10 miles in preparation for a 1/2 marathon
*Beach day at Coronado
* Dinner in Old Town
*I fell down concrete stairs in high heels on our way to church - lovely bruises/scrapes to show for it
*Strolled down Del Mar Beach at sunset
*Talked politics - Go Mitt!!
*Played Sequence - I let mom win :)
*Learned how to use my pressure cooker that I have had for almost 5 years
*Delicious lava cakes from Trader Joe's
*Julianne entertained us non-stop
*Tricked Jules into drinking veggie juice by putting a sock on her bottle
*Park with Jules
*Seaport Village
*Rode on Merry-go-round - Julianne waved and blew a kiss every time she came around. So cute!
*Kurt worked late Friday so me, mom and Jules went to CPK
*Looking forward to seeing Mom, Dad, Alyssa, and Lexi in less than two weeks!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to update!

Some little cutie loved Santa this year. On our way to the mall we almost turned around several times because number one it was raining; number two it was late; and number three Jules was already asleep! We thought 'what the heck' she is all dressed up and there is only one week til Christmas. . . 'let's take our chances'. So we carried her all around the outdoor mall in Mission Valley looking for Santa Claus. As soon as we found him she woke up, sat on his lap, gave us a big smile, blew him kisses and said "bye bye". Twenty dollars later we have this picture to prove that we took her to see Santa this year.