Friday, December 14, 2007

FIVE DAYS!!!!!!!!

Until we move to Arizona!! We have been extremely busy but have managed to have some fun between our work schedules and packing. Oh wait. . . . . . we haven't started packing yet. AHHH!

I don't have much time to write but here are a few pictures of the weather, the Jazz game, and Katie PUGMIRE's wedding.

We are so excited to move but as time is flying we are realizing how much we are going to miss this place. Maybe not all of it , but definitely our many good friends, the beauty and our first little apartment that we've called home for the past 7 months. (I cannot believe how fast times flies! We've almost been married a year!!) Hopefully we get to see many of you before we take off next Thursday!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Greg is Awesome

Greg helped me with the title of this post, obviously. . .

We LOVE having family around. My parents came in town a couple weeks ago and despite an extremely busy weekend, we had a great time spending a few nights together. We went to Tepanyaki, one of our favorites, and the chef kept stealing my food off my plate and giving it to Kurt! It was pretty funny, but you probably had to be there. Thanks for an awesome weekend Mom and Dad!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Pie

After Thriller we were starving so we decided to stop at The Pie for some late night pizza. It was packed with college students because it's right by the University of Utah but it was fun to go out with Kurt after a long day of work and babysitting.

Thriller, Thriller Nights. . .

THRILLER, Thriller Night. . .

Friday night we went up to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake to watch my boss's daughter perform as a "chucky doll" in the show "Thriller" put on by the professional dance complany The Odyssey. I have seen the show a couple times in the past few years but it was extra exciting to watch the 10 year old I nanny for perform. The show was incredible and definitely put us in the mood for Halloween!!

Hikin' the Y

Sorry our blog has not been updated since September! We have been busy workin' during the week and babysitting on the weekends. So here are a few things we have been up to this last month.

During Homecoming week we were driving home from dinner and noticed the Y was lit up. We decided to be spontaneous and use Kurt's mini flash light and hike the Y at 9:45 at night. It was so nice out and a good little work out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Campbell's Chunky Soup!!

Sorry Mom, I just had to. For all of you who didn't know, my mom filmed a commercial with seven other NFL moms and their sons. If you look closely you can see my mom and Todd in both commercials. It's pretty hilarious!! These commercials are on television as well but I haven't seen one yet so I just thought I would share the online versions. ENJOY!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Kurt!!!

Today is Kurt's 25th Birthday!! I introduced him to the famous strawberry and whipped cream birthday crepes this morning and he loved them!! I had to work for a few hours but I got off early and we got to spend the rest of the day together. We went to Tucanos for dinner (all you can eat is always a good thing for Kurt) and then we shopped and went to see Harry Potter. (Luckily the theater was empty and I was able to lay down and sleep on Kurt's lap the entire time). Sorry Kurt!! It's hard to watch when I have fallen asleep in the first four too! Well it turned out to be a wonderful day and Kurt appreciated all of the birthday text messages, phone calls, and voice mails.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Alright, Already...

So it was about time we had something up here...Carli's been trying to get me to write something for awhile now and today I had the day off, so why not? Weve been extremely blessed these few months weve been married - by the way married life is awesome..."if you have the means I highly recommend it, it is so choice!" - Ferris Beuhler for those who know.
We got married the 11th of May, 2007 in the Mesa AZ temple (We'd say its the best temple but were kinda biased) on a "warm" Arizona summer day. We spent our honeymoon in and around Cancun, Mexico with its crystal clear water and ancient Mayan ruins. (Pics to follow...)
After returning to reality, ha - we settled back in Provo where we first met and have spent the rest of the summer here working and saving (or trying to save) every penny we make. We have made a few trips to California, work schedules permitting, one in Newport back in July with the Heap family and shortly will be going back to La Canada for my little bro's homecoming (Chicago, South - Spanish speaking) and then on to San Diego for a long weekend of r & r and to see my older brother who is training to be a NAVY Seal at the Coronado Seals base.
We are also anxiously awaiting word from a few different Architecture schools to find out where we will be living and going to school for the next few years starting Jan. 2008 - well keep you updated...