Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Pie

After Thriller we were starving so we decided to stop at The Pie for some late night pizza. It was packed with college students because it's right by the University of Utah but it was fun to go out with Kurt after a long day of work and babysitting.

Thriller, Thriller Nights. . .

THRILLER, Thriller Night. . .

Friday night we went up to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake to watch my boss's daughter perform as a "chucky doll" in the show "Thriller" put on by the professional dance complany The Odyssey. I have seen the show a couple times in the past few years but it was extra exciting to watch the 10 year old I nanny for perform. The show was incredible and definitely put us in the mood for Halloween!!

Hikin' the Y

Sorry our blog has not been updated since September! We have been busy workin' during the week and babysitting on the weekends. So here are a few things we have been up to this last month.

During Homecoming week we were driving home from dinner and noticed the Y was lit up. We decided to be spontaneous and use Kurt's mini flash light and hike the Y at 9:45 at night. It was so nice out and a good little work out!