Monday, October 31, 2011

Grandma Came to Visit

Stache Bash

We threw Conor a little Stache Bash for his 25th Birthday. During college Conor and his friends were known to grow mustaches and throw "mustache" parties every year. We didn't want Conor to be forgotten with all wedding festivities so we had everyone over for a surprise party. It was fun to have the whole family together and crammed into our little apartment in San Diego.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


My favorite new photo of Julianne from this weekend. We had been taking wedding pictures for awhile and I think she had had enough!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

San Diego Zoo

Julianne and I have been spending our days at the zoo lately. We met some new friends (well, new for Julianne) last week and had so much fun exploring and showing our little girls all of the animals. Their favorites were the elephants, panda bears, and of course the discovery center with the playground to run around on.

This week Conor, Nik, Rachelle and her family, and Victoria came down from Los Angeles to go with us to the zoo. Julianne had so much fun with her cousins and the adults had a good time too. Our first quest was to find the “silver-back gorillas” for little Elijah. He would not stop talking and acting like a gorilla until we saw them. When we were at the chimpanzee exhibit little E made friends with one of the baby chimps. They were playing tag and the chimp kept chasing him against the glass. The chimp would get frustrated and hit the glass. Elijah drew a crowd and Conor was videotaping. It was definitely a hi-light from the day. We finished off the day on one of the double-decker buses and enjoyed seeing the rest of the animals on the second level relaxing.

It was such a treat to have everyone come down and spend the day together. We even waited for Kurt to finish work and all had dinner together- at BJ’s of course. The Turley’s won’t pass up pizza, pizookies and a baseball game.

This weekend is Nik and Rachel’s wedding in San Diego! We are excited to spend more time with the whole family and celebrate!