Monday, February 13, 2012

Mermaid Run

We needed an excuse for Alyssa to come visit so about a month ago we signed up for a half marathon here in San Diego. Our training consisted of a few long Saturday runs and a few runs during the week to prepare. Although we may not have had enough mileage on our legs to do our VERY best, we definitely met our goal of finishing under 2 hours and just under 9 minute miles. This was our first race (besides turkey trots) together and hopefully not our last!

Mom and Dad came to cheer us on and help Kurt with the babies. We had such a great weekend! Although I am happy the race is over I wish everyone didn't have to leave already! Here are a few highlights from the weekend: Phillipi's, shopping, matching shirts for the race, Lexi and Jules playing together in the crib, Jules playing peekaboo with Lexi, lounging around the beach house, the Race, taking silly sister photos after the race, Robertos tacos, Seaport Village, laughing with my sis, Grandma and Grandpa spending quality time with grand babies, Kurt catering to my every need because of my exhaustion after the race, Las Olas, going to church with my fam, people thinking Alyssa was me at church, Valentine exchanges, getting roses from Kurt, seeing the Townsends, eating lunch at the park by the beach, Alyssa forgetting her iPod and Dad coming to the rescue, Dad finding us at mile 9 to brighten our spirits, running with Alyssa, beautiful weather. Looking forward to having the whole Heap Clan together (except for Brad) in three weeks for Spring Break!

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K Boynton said...

You guys are so beautiful - even when red in the face from running! Congratulations! Looks like you had a great time together.