Monday, May 23, 2011

May 2011

It would be crazy for me not to document this past month at least in bullet points. It has been a busy month full of milestones, big events and fun parties. Here it goes:

- Alyssa had a beautiful new baby - Lexi Mae Copple
-Brad had his farewell on Mother's Day
-I celebrated my first Mother's Day
-Greg got married on May 10th to beautiful Jessie Zaharis
-Alyssa turned 29 on May 12th
-We celebrated our 4th anniversary on May 11th (we dined at Bandera - delish!)
-Kurt graduated with his MRED degree (master of real estate development) from ASU on May 13th
- Dad's birthday was on May 14th
-Brad left on his mission on May 18th (to Bangkok, Thailand)
-Kurt is interviewing for jobs (life after school has begun)
-We are spending some time in California so Jules can get to know her cousins Elijah and Isabella
-my two sister-in-laws are due with babies in the next two weeks
-Kurt's brother Conor graduated from UPENN


Pedaling said...

it was so fun to visit with and see you a few weeks ago...yes, much going on in your family! Busy and Exciting!

Morgan said...

Your hair looks amazing!