Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Part 1

My computer time has been minimal with Kurt in the last month of his master's program. I still have to document Julianne's first Easter along with many other events that have been happening. With Kurt graduating, two new babies, a wedding and a missionary leaving our family has been quite busy.

Once again. . . pictures of Jules:) And although these are low quality iphone pics- I still love them. I will try and learn how to upload pictures onto my computer one of these days so Kurt doesn't always have to do it for me.

8 month update
Julianne is 8 months old and 23 lbs! My back is starting to break so hopefully she will walk soon. She pulls herself up on everything and crawls around everywhere. She has four teeth (bottom two and top two fangs). My lil brother Greg says that she "steals the show" wherever she goes and I would have to agree. She commands attention with her chatty and happy personality and always seems to give everyone a smile. She loves kids and yells and screams whenever her cousins are around. When she sees her new little cousin Lexi she gets so excited she screams and reaches for her. You can sure tell that she remembers being friends with her up in heaven just a few months ago:) She is the love of our lives and is convincing Kurt everyday that he would be fine if we had 5 girls.


bkjones said...

oh my goodness she is a doll!! when are you going to make a visit to snowy utah so we can hang out??

kent and liz said...

Those are the exact words I was thinking... She is a DOLL! I can't get over how cute she is Car. Love the pics:)

alyssa said...

She is the cutest ever! I love little jules so much. She really is the HAPPIEST sweetest baby!