Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day in La Canada, CA 2011
-Memorial Parade
-French toast with Victoria's homemade bread
-BBQ @ the Townsends with the Glendale Armenian Branch :)
-Dodgers game @ Chavez Ravine
-Jules turned 9 months on Saturday!

Julianne LOVES Oliver (Kurt's parent's dog) and has learned how to bark at him. Every morning she looks in the kitchen for him and starts barking--it is too cute!

Julianne has also loved getting to know Uncle Conor! I came back from running one morning and she didn't even notice I was in the room for half an hour.

Little Julianne is quite photogenic and has learned to smile on queue whenever the camera is pointed in her direction.

We are heading back to AZ tomorrow after two wonderful weeks in California with Kurt's family. You can't beat beautiful California weather and spending time with family.


SloneFamily said...

Carli.... your baby is TOO cute. I just want to squeeze her!! I keep seeing and taking care of your family members here at the hospital and it just brings a smile to my face remembering what a sweetheart you are! Hope you are doing well and take care :)

Pedaling said...

ahh,it didn't take her long to learn that camera smile!