Sunday, October 28, 2007

THRILLER, Thriller Night. . .

Friday night we went up to Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake to watch my boss's daughter perform as a "chucky doll" in the show "Thriller" put on by the professional dance complany The Odyssey. I have seen the show a couple times in the past few years but it was extra exciting to watch the 10 year old I nanny for perform. The show was incredible and definitely put us in the mood for Halloween!!

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Melissa said...

That dance show sounds AWESOME, but she looks pretty scary! When I was there this summer Mom ordered pizza from "the Pie". WOAH! That's good stuff.
Glad to see what you've been up to- I really do want to come for Thanksgiving now, but flights are just TOO $$! Oh- Well. I'm sure I'll get to see you before long! You are so beautiful, even when you're NOT posed next to a zombie!