Friday, November 11, 2011

We Love Visitors

We enjoyed a lovely weekend showing John and Heather around San Diego. Our adventures consisted of Phil's BBQ, strolling the beach in Coronado, Little Italy in downtown, game night, movie night, car dancing, the temple, hot chocolate run, lots of fun time with Jules, design street in Solana, and a little rain. There is so much to do here I am sure we haven't even scratched the surface. I hope this post motivates more friends and family to make there way out the sunny state of California in the winter months.

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goofy feet said...

Hey! It's April. Just happened onto your blog through Aunt Sheila's. Missed you guys at Christmas! Your blog makes me miss living in San Diego. So Jealous! We're always looking for jobs to move back. Met Heather a few times. She seems really cool. Liked her a lot. My blog is private, but you can of course have an invite if you like, just send me an email: