Monday, November 28, 2011

I am envious of those with photography skills. These are my two new favorite pictures of our little Jules. Thank you Tiffany (elizajphotography) for capturing our little girl so perfectly!

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving beginning with a surprise. Julianne and I surprised my parents on Monday night along with Uncle Greg and Aunt Jessie. The confused looks on their faces were priceless. We enjoyed spending a few days with cousins shopping, eating and having lots of fun before turkey day. Kurt joined us Wednesday night and we were so happy to see him! Thanksgiving Alyssa and I ran the 1st annual Gilbert 10k Turkey Trot. I am ecstatic to say that we were the first finishers for the 10k!!!! We ran together the entire time and even had a sprinting competition at the end. (I was begging her to stay right by me and not leave me in the dust). They announced us as the winners and our grand prize is free admission to next year's run. Just so you know, the race doesn't cost a thing and there were only about 5 other 10k runners:)

Thanksgiving was delish over at Grandma and Grandpa Heap's home. We had a full house with lots of cousins we don't get to see very often. The hi-light for me was definitely Aunt Denise's raspberry cheesecake! There was no break between lunch and dessert because everyone was too nervous they wouldn't get a slice:)

Friday I was able to meet up with several high school friends for breakfast! I feel so blessed and lucky to have so many close friends that have known me since elementary school. There is nothing like meeting up with old friends. Kurt had his high school reunion Friday night so we sped back to California just in time! We met up with Phliip and Brittney and Clayton and Diana and had a great time visiting with and meeting all of Kurt's old high school flames. haha I'm kidding, I did get to meet some great people and it wasn't too awkward. Tacos were calling our names by the end of the night (10:00 - we must be getting old) and we found the tastiest taco truck in Pasadena. I begged Kurt to go back there on Saturday and to my disappointment they were not there! Saturday we hit up the La Canada farmers market, went to the park, watched football, took naps and felt completely rejuvenated. We headed back down to San Diego, stopping in Huntington for some shopping, and were happy to be together with our little family.

This was just the break we needed to enjoy time with family, friends and lots of time with Julianne.


kent and liz said...

So cute. I loved seeing you... sad it wasn't for more time:( Finally figured out how to view and post on your blog!!

Krista said...

gorgeous pics!

Ash said...

Umm I hope you don't mind I saw your blog and stalked it a little. LOVE you guys! Your family is so beautiful! -Ashley (Wick)