Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Love being in Arizona with family and seeing good friends! ALthough it was difficult to leave Jules with her first babysitter I did manage to have fun with my family and especially my sister.
Highlights of the weekend so far:
-Cardinals football game
-Yogurtland, Rosa's, Vitos
-Mom being funny - accidentally calling the neighbor boy and asking if it was Victoria's Secret
-Celebrating birthdays - Drewski's b-day and Jules again - banana cake and ice cream
-seeing my BFF Kelsee
-Nice hot weather (totally kidding - I think I am already a California girl)
-Date night with good friends (the Help and Cafe Rio)


Pedaling said...

Looking good in red!

I loved The Help--such a great story!

I make a pretty mean banana cake myself!

Fun post....keep 'em comin'

Brian and Jessica McCann said...

You look so cute, miss ya!