Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall and Football

Fall is almost here! Although it is still 100 degrees out we have had a few nice storms and windy nights that have helped us survive the end of summer. Football season has officially begun and we are excited to watch high school, college, and NFL this year. (Don't ask me why I just said that because every night I am begging Kurt to change the channel to FoodNetwork). However, I love watching Brad and Todd's teams. Go Toros and Ravens!!

The above picture was at Brad's game last Friday night taken from Kurt's phone. Although the game was brutal, the weather was fun, the company was great, and the setting was absolutely beautiful.


Hawkes said...

Hey Carli! just wanted to say hola on your blog. I love it.


Bonnie Hawkes (standage)

Anderson Adventures said...

Good ole Mountain View games! I haven't been to one in years. WE need to get together like Kristen Randall said on her blog. We will just throw football parties so we can be etertained also. I like watching football but when it becomes an all day event I get bored.

The Fuller Family said...

I miss MVT games. Oh memories. Im good. I am coming down to AZ this wed and staying until sunday. Maybe we can do lunch or something.

tiff and chris johnson said...

so funny carli-i'm the same way. I'm always bugging chris to change the channel but I must secretly enjoy it because there is something fun about fall time and football games. Don't know what it is? So jealous of all your fun trips!! We miss you guys!!