Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Kurt and I had the opportunity to spend the weekend (a couple weeks ago) in Baltimore!!! We were so glad we went cause we had such a great time. We spent the weekend with family and enjoyed spending time with our niece and nephews. We were able to go to the Ravens game and Conor (Kurt's little bro) met us from Philly to come see the game too. It was a last minute venture but worth every minute!

Ash and I couldn't resist wearing our matching 86 shirts:)

Kurt, me and Conor

Conor just had to make fun of us!

The aquarium in downtown Baltimore


The Clarks said...

Hey you!!! Long time no talk, but I guess that's how we roll:) That is so awesome that you guys got to go to baltimore! I am coming down in a couple weeks...we must get together! miss you!

alyssa said...

Hey guys this is Brad, your brother in law. Long time blog reader and first time blog poster. I was just wondering do you guys ever not go on vacation?

Dallas and Krista said...

Wow how did you actually get Ash to let you post pics of her on the blog?? Impressive :) You both look amazing... I love football game pictures because the colors of the field are so vivid!

Megan and Mike said...

OK i miss you.....how are you?

Anderson Adventures said...

it was so fun getting to see you when I was down. You look great and it sound like life is good. I love Baltimore. It is such a neat city. I need to take Jon to an NFL game... he would love it.

Mark and Kristi said...

You and Kurt take the cutest pictures together. I thought the picture of Conner copying you and Ashley was funny!

I am so jealous of all the travelling you both do!

The Hornes said...

Carli, how was the 1/2?? I thought about you as I ran a long dreadful run on the treadmill yesterday ;)

The Fuller Family said...

Carli- How are you! I haven't seen or talked to you in forever. How is Mesa? I just moved back to Utah. Its been crazy. we need to catch up! Miss you.

Nanette said...


Looking at some of those pictures took my breath away. You do look like your mother, but your Aunt Julie and I ran around together so much and you looked just like her. It brought tears to my eyes. I miss her.
Love, Nanette

Nanette said...

Hi Carly, cute pictures. It's been fun keeping up on your life. Tell Alyssa I don't have rights. I've about got all cousins on here. if she wants to go on here and see them, please invite her.

Love you,