Thursday, September 25, 2008

Major update. . .

Here is a much needed update of the lives of Kurt and Carli. Now that we are back and settled in Arizona I can finally sit down and re-cap the month of August and what's been going on in September. The last week of our adventure in California ended with a bang. My mom came out to California for her birthday and spent a couple days with Alyssa and Kurt and I. We went shopping down at the fabric district, had a wonderful baby shower for Alyssa, ate delicious food, laughed til we cried, and last but definitely not least saw "WICKED"!!!! The show was amazing and definitely is on my list to see again. (Kurt is still undecided whether or not he will come next time, however, he did enjoy it:)) Here are a few pictures of our last weekend in California.

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Kent and Liz said...

No mention of Montana?!!!
I miss you a ton and am glad you finally updated your blog, since I have finally entered the world of blogging. Love you!